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Joule Power Oy (previous name, FRAKO North Europe Oy) has been founded in 1992 in Finland. It has been developed into an internationally well accepted solution provider.

Joule Power Oy has suitable products for all needed Power Factor Correction (PFC) and Power Quality (PQ) requirements. Joule Power Oy can also provide solutions for diverse Renewable Energy (RE) applications. 

The target of Joule Power Oy is always to find and offer sustainable and energy-efficient solutions and thus to reach the best possible price-performance ratio. And this for the whole long lifetime of the investment.

High-quality products, technical know-how and over 30 years' international experience guarantee the client satisfaction. 

Together with constantly expanding sales office and partner network Joule Power Oy can support its clients fast, reliable and competitive - worldwide.

Joule Power Oy is a sole distributor of FRAKO Kondensatoren- und Anlagenbau GmbH in Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania and Sweden (

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