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Your International Business Specialist in the middle of Europe

Joule Power GmbH is located in "Black Forest" ("Schwarzwald"). It's in South West Germany, close to Switzerland and France. From there we offer and coordinate different internationalization services world-wide.

The distances from "Black Forest" to anywhere in Central Europe are very short. Also all main European international airports are easily reachable from that region. This region is a great base for companies aspiring European markets.


Your Bridge to the Global Market

We have 30 years experience of the international business and sales network development. We have sound marketing and sales experience of electro technical products (e.g. PFC, PQ, RE). 

We provide you our comprehensive and constantly expanding international network. Today we are active in more than 60 countries.

We are your co-ordinator, when your company is planning to start or develop further its international business.

We can be also your company's local agent or partner in Central Europe.

We find you quickly reliable

  • international business partners and contacts,
  • products and representations,
  • manufacturing-, supply- and sales channels and
  • local experts.

We can help you in all internationalization-related practical arrangements, either directly ourselves or through our partners.

The scope, costs and duration of our services will be agreed separately with you.

Your Business Assistant in Germany

We assist you at company visits, business meetings and trade shows. We can also take care of events- and visits-related transport and accommodation services in Germany.

We plan together with you for your company best suitable service concept. At the same time we agree the scope, duration and costs of these services.

Your Sales Office in Germany

We are a good alternative for you when your company plans to set up an own Sales Office in Germany. Instead of investing a lot of time, efforts and money for setting up a new sales office and recruiting employees, you can use Joule Power GmbH as your company's new German Sales Office.

Just contact us and we can fix together the best suitable Sales Office -concept for your company.

 Looking forward to developing your business!