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The basic requirement for the successful internationalization

The basic requirement for the successful internationalization of the company is -in addition to the high-quality and competitive products- the knowledge of the business culture and practices of the target market. It's also an advantage - sometimes almost "must" to manage the local language, especially for the companies who are planning to export their products to the German-speaking Europe.

Our experience

Since 2003, the CEO of our company has served two German company as Export- and Sales Director in Germany. He has been responsible for both companies' business- & sales development and -strategy worldwide. Over the years he has obtained an international contact network, covering more than 50 countries and has a knowledge of the diverse international business cultures.

At the same time he has accumulated a lot of experience in German companies' business practices, as well as board- and management teamwork between the companies and their owners.

Our consulting services

We offer our clients diverse international consulting services. We can help customers e.g. in the development of the global export strategy and network. As well as the creation of new contacts and customer relations.

Furthermore we can support our customers in Germany for example at company visits, business meetings and trade shows. If necessary, we can take care of events and visits related transport- and accommodation services in Germany.

We can tailor to your company suitable service and consulting concept. At the same time we agree the scope, duration and costs of the services.